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Book your 2021 holiday now with the security and tranquility you deserve!

In Litoral we always seek the tranquility of our customers and their families. That's why this year we offer all customers who book 100% Littoral accommodation, travel insurance with COVID Coverage – 19 INCLUDED and free of charge.

In addition, cancellation of the reservation is free up to 15 days prior to arrival!!!

Search our website for 100% Littoral accommodations with the "Cancellation Insurance Included" icon and make your reservation for this summer
Free cancellation
Cancellation is free up to 15 days prior to arrival. So you can book now, with the peace of mind that if any unforeseen events arise, Litoral will refund the money delivered on account. We will only deduct 35 euros from the management costs.
Insurance Included
Travel insurance Included totally free with Covid coverage – 19 on all 100% Littoral reservations.
During the season we will offer great discounts and special offers in many accommodations. Search, book and enjoy this summer your holiday apartment at the best price!
After 1 year of Pandemia we want you not to run out of holidays this summer, so we put all the facilities so that you can book with all the tranquility that dream trip for so long.

Is insurance included in all accommodations?

No, travel insurance is only included in 100% Littoral accommodations. Search our website for accommodation that contains the ICON "Travel Insurance Included"

What does the travel insurance cover Covid - 19 Included?

See coverage here:

Includes COVID travel insurance – 19 as a disease.

Europe Assitence considers COVID – 19 to be a disease, so they include Covid in insurance. However, the insurance excludes restrictions on movements as a result of the pandemic (confinements, border closures, widespread quarantines, etc...)

What Your Policy Covers

  • If you or a direct family member of yours dies by COVID-19 between the insurance contract and the date the Trip begins.
  • If you become ill with COVID-19 within two weeks of starting the Trip and do not need hospitalization..
  • If you become ill with COVID-19 and are hospitalized within four weeks of starting the Trip
  • If you are in medical quarantine by COVID-19 on the date the Trip begins. Quarantine should be prescribed by a doctor
  • If a Direct Relative of Yours is hospitalized by COVID-19 and this prevents you from making the Trip.
  • If you are denied boarding because you have a febre or other symptom. You should have positive coVID-19 tests performed on the same day or within three days.
  • If the authorities of Your country require Your presence or services as part of the response to the situation created by COVID-19.

What Your Policy DOES NOT Cover

  • If you cancel the Trip because the authorities of the place of origin order to be confited or restrict mobility.
  • If you get sick by COVID-19 and cancel the Trip too far in advance, without waiting to know if you will be able to travel on the scheduled date..
  • If you cancel the Trip because you are afraid to travel through the pandemic situation.
  • If you cancel the Trip because the destination country does not accept travelers from other countries.
  • If the authorities of the destination of the Trip order to be confined or restrict mobility and this situation was known before the Trip began.
  • If you are denied boarding because you have a fever or other symptom and:
    • Does not present a positive test in COVID-19 conducted on the same day or within three days or the test you have is negative
    • If the airline cancels flights before or during the Trip begins.
    • If the authorities close the airspace before the Trip begins or during it, it will rhyme.

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