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From our Litoral website the owner can see the status of his reservations and occupation. In addition, they can ask our team for the bookings and occupations.
Yes, as long as the reservations made by Litoral are respected or as long as Litoral gives the authorization, having the ability to communicate it and the clients accept an alternative.
If during the season we find that the results do not meet expectations, we study the problem with the owner and together find a solution. There are several reasons why an apartment or a house doesn’t get the optimum occupancy. For example, it can be unappealing equipment, a price that is too high, old furniture, etc. But usually when Litoral decides to rent a house, it is because it meets the requirements, therefore the bookings are always satisfactory.
Generally our clients take good care of the property of others. That does not mean that the house will not suffer a little wear and tear during the holiday season. Walls can get dirty or roller blinds can break down but no major things that our maintenance team cannot solve. Litoral has a civil liability insurance and the owner must have their own house insurance to cover any possible damage caused by storms, floods, etc.
Litoral is specialized in family tourism. Both in our website as in the network portals we work with, we only accept families, which means that youth groups or conflicting profiles are not accepted in our booking. We study every booking and search for a family profile customer who, generally, cares and respect the houses.
The bedrooms should have blankets, pillows and mattress covers. The wardrobes must be empty and perches available. Regarding the kitchen, Litoral will give you an inventory with everything that the kitchen has to have. We will also control the utensils and equipment to provide the best possible service to the customer. The living room has to have a TV, curtains, table with chairs and a sofa, all in good condition. The terraces and the gardens have to have all the necessary furniture for the use and enjoyment of the outdoors by our customers.
Of course, before the departure of each client, we make an explicit and thorough inspection of the house checking all the accommodation. The client pays a deposit on the arrival day and it is returned only after checking and final inspection.
Unfortunately Litoral DOESN’T allow the house to be commercialized with other providers because this could create many problems like double occupations and overbookings. We assure our customers that when one of our properties is listed as free, it is because it is actually available to be booked at that time. This is necessary for both our customers and for us to have the correct and accurate vision of the booking status.
No. Litoral cannot risk double bookings, so we ask the owners not to book their apartments or houses during the period of occupation, i.e. we require exclusivity. The reason being is that on our website and in other online portals that we advertise your home on, the clients can make the reservation instantly so they get confirmation automatically. If it was not centralized and if there were any other agencies making reservations it could happen that we would be confirming dates that had been already booked. What is ALLOWED by Litoral is blocking the houses for the use and enjoyment for their owners or relatives.
The 2 fees that the owner will have to pay to Litoral are the initial cleaning of the house or apartment at the beginning and end of the season and 66 -€ for the initial laundry. The price of the initial cleaning depends on the house or apartment; as regards the initial laundry, the owner pays 66-€ for the first change of bedding of the season and then we will take care of the weekly bedding and towels change for our customers.
The occupation of a property depends on many factors: product quality, proximity to the sea, views, equipment, location, price and popularity of a region. After all, our clients are the ones who choose where they spend their vacations and they choose which house or apartment they want to book. Thus, we cannot guarantee a certain amount of income. However, thanks to the huge investment in advertising and positioning, websites and specialized portals, we get satisfactory occupancy for our owners.
The owner must provide at the moment of the signing of the contract: personal data, name, address, NIF or NIE, the certificate of occupancy, photocopy of the IBI receipt, photocopy of the bank account and insurance policy. Litoral needs 4 sets of keys, one remote control for the parking. Contact details of the gardener, concierge and/or the property administrator.
Of course, as a house owner you can book your house or apartment whenever you want for the dates you want. Always sending an email informing our reservations team and waiting for the confirmation you will be able to block the house for you and your family. The house may be blocked by the owners as long as it does not have any booking.
We advise our owners to keep the furniture and personal belongings in a separate room before the customers arrive.

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