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Rentals Costa Dorada. Legal Notice

Contact Litoral Costa Dorada to speak directly with a specialized agent:

  • CIF: B43336122
  • Address: Avda Diputació 39, 43850 CAMBRILS
  • Telephone: 977 369015
  • Email:

The company LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L wishes to inform the users of the Portal y means of the Portal's private policy, about the following issues, so that the users can freely and willingly decide whether they want to provide personal data that may be requested from them, while using the different services offered, while understanding that this personal information may be essential in providing the service selected by the user.


By filling one of our forms and by accepting our private policy, you are accepting and authorizing LITORAL SL to use and process the data provided, in adherence to the purposes described in the form, which could consist of the following:

  • The information provided during the booking process will be stored in our system to facilitate future booking processes via this website. We will take the necessary measures for your booking to become effective within the selected establishment, to which we will transfer your information in order to guaranty this booking.
  • Authorizing the dispatch of our newsletter to your email address.
  • Managing your job application as filled in the form.
  • Respond to your questions and check if an email with the responses has been sent.

The requested data will be processed for the purposes for which they were required, as indicated in the legal information section, in compliance with the Organic Law pertaining to the protection of information. The data will be part of an automated file and the user will be able to access, rectify, and completely or partially cancel his information at all times by contacting the File Manager: CLIENTS at the central office of LITORAL, Avda Diputació 39, 43850 CAMBRILS, Tel. 00 34 977369015 Fax. 00 34 977362357 Email:


In order to facilitate browsing in our portal, the user authorizes the use of cookies. LITORAL SL does not use "spam" techniques and will process only the data transmitted by the user, through authorized electronic forms in this website or through electronic mail messages. The processing of personal information and commercial communications transmitted electronically will comply with the Organic Law 15/ 1999, dated 13th December, pertaining to the protection of personal information and the Law 34/ 2002, dated 11th July, pertaining to the services of information and electronic trade of the company.

General terms and conditions of use of the Website

In general, the user commits to comply with the present terms and conditions of use and to always act in accordance to the law, to the Rules of Procedures and customs and requirements, and in good faith, by using an approach adapted to the nature of the product and/or service that he avails of, he commits not use this website for any other purposes with a view to prevent, damage or deteriorate its normal operation, or the assets and rights of its proprietor (hereafter referred to as LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L.), the rights of the Users, or of Third Parties.


Particularly, without implying any restrictions on the obligations of the user, and in compliance with the previous paragraph, the user generally commits to the following while using this website:

  • Not to enter, store or broadcast on this site, or from this site, any information that may be defamatory, injurious, obscene, threatening or xenophobic in nature or that may encourage violence or racial, sexual, ideological or religious discrimination or that may cause harm, in any way, to the moral standards, the public order, the fundamental rights, public freedom, the honor, privacy or the image of third parties, and in general, that may infringe the Spanish regulation in force, and the laws of the user's country of residence.
  • Not to enter, store or broadcast, through this website, any computer program, data, virus, code or any other file that may damage or alter this website, the services offered, the computer hardware, the systems or the networks of LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L., or the network of any other user, or in general, the network of any third party that may hinder its normal operation.
  • Not to destroy, modify, use the data, information, programs, electronic documents or the files of LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L., and of other users or third parties for personal benefits or in order to bring about some damages.

LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L. can, at any time, and without any prior notification, modify the present included general conditions and specific conditions, if required, by publishing these modifications on the website, in order to inform the users.

Intellectual and industrial property

The structure, design and presentation of elements accessible on this website (graphics, images, photographs, samples and material figuring on them, the industrial technologies, files, logos, color associations and any other element that may be protected) will be protected by intellectual and industrial property rights of LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L.; this applies to the elements for which the company has obtained the corresponding utilization rights as well.


It is not allowed to reproduce, transform, distribute, or publicly communicate and make accessible to the public, and in general, use, in any way whatsoever, either partially or completely, the elements mentioned in the previous paragraph. The publication of these elements in other web pages or in other digital or written media requires the express consent by the webpage proprietor, and in any case, it should be explicitly mentioned, that the intellectual property rights belong to LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L..


It is not allowed to use the distinctive signs (brands, commercial names), except if the express authorization is received from the legitimate proprietors.



  • In general, for the incorrect use of its website. The users will have to use this site appropriately, within the terms and conditions indicated. If they don't, the proprietor of this site will not be held liable for an inappropriate usage of it.
  • With regard to the possible technical deficiencies, LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L., will, in no event, be held liable for the alterations made to the service owing to electric network, data connection network or server problems or due to any other reason.
  • With regard to the access of its system by third parties, LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L. will take the necessary technical precautions in order to protect the data and information to which the users have access, but it will not be held liable in case any third party was successful in hindering the security measures while accessing this data.
  • LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L. is constantly investing in technologies in order to minimize the risk of viruses and other similar software, including the occurrence of non-authorized content in the information systems. Despite these precautionary measures, the user should still take his own security measures in order to minimize the damages that may be incurred by a non-authorized software, viruses, Trojan horses and any other type of malware, exempting LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L. from any liability that may be derived due to the presence of a malware in the files of this website.
Website identification data

LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL,S.L. CIF B43336122 Registered with the Register of Commerce of Tarragona Part 779, Book -, Folio 176, Sheet T2542. 1st Inscription You can contact us through various means:

  • By post, at the following address: LLOGUER I GESTIÓ D´APARTAMENTS LITORAL, S.L. Avenida Diputació 39,. Postal Code 43850, Cambrils (Spain)
  • By
  • By telephone: 977 36 90 15 (España).
Warning about the IVA

The final price stipulated while registering for these services is subject to change according to the legally applicable IVA in force. i.e. We will fix the final price to be paid by the customer at the time of issuing the invoice.

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